Welcome to your CivicWeb portal! Our community prides itself on strong, long-running traditions. One of these traditions is getting our community engaged with what is going on at City Hall. We are pleased to introduce our CivicWeb portal, which enables our citizens to learn about meetings, search for documents, view reports, and more! Let us know how our community can be improved!


You can also send your comments/feedback via e-mail to the entire Governing Body at [email protected].  Contact information for individual members of the Governing Body is on our website. All governing meetings will comply with the Kansas Open Meetings Act. 

Can't find something you are looking for? Please visit www.cityofshawnee.org or contact the City Clerk's Department at 913-742-6014.


Be sure to sign-up to receive email notifications for agendas.


Speaking at Public Meetings

The City encourages public participation and engagement at all City meetings.  The Governing Body has approved Policy Statement No. 7 (PS-7), Conduct of Public Meetings, to ensure all interested parties have the opportunity to participate.  An online form has been created to allow interested parties to sign-up to speak at City Council meetings.  It can also be used to provide written testimony related to an agenda item in lieu of coming to the meeting to provide public comment.  


Click here to access the form. The online form is open when the agenda is published and closes at noon on the day of the meeting.


If you are planning on presenting electronic information to the Governing Body (ex. powerpoint, images, etc.) please send them to [email protected] before the meeting.  Presenting from a flash drive will not be permitted.


Attendance at Public Meetings

If attendance at City meetings is not essential, we encourage you to listen to the meeting live on our website.  Currently, only City Council and Planning Commission meetings are broadcast live.

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